wikiWiki's are perfect for user generated content, and knowledge bases.

Some of the most popular free Wiki software choices are: MediaWiki, TikiWiki, PmWiki, and WikkaWiki. Perhaps the most popular is MediaWiki, the free Wiki software behind Wikipedia. Thousands of Wiki owners have already chosen HostGator as their trusted MediaWiki Hosting service provider.


100% Compatible Wiki Hosting

  • Easily install the latest version of MediaWiki
  • Meets/Exceeds MediaWiki's minimum technical requirements
  • Includes the latest versions of Apache, MySQL, & PHP
  • PHP runs as suPHP for increased MediaWiki security

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Specialty Hosting

  • Joomla Web Hosting Joomla Web Hosting
    Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) that powers ~2.7% of web sites on the ‘net.
  • Wiki Web Hosting Wiki Web Hosting
    Wiki's are perfect for user generated content, and knowledge bases.
  • WordPress Web Hosting WordPress Web Hosting
    WordPress is an award-winning blog platform that we recommend for blogging.
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